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To purchase multiple courses, at a discounted rate, please click on the "Subscriptions" icon located in the upper right of the screen. ( hand, palm up with number bubbles)


Once your purchase is completed, it will be reviewed by our staff (can take up to 2 business days) and approved. Once approved, you will see a green check-mark next to your courses. Click on the course name to enter the course home area. Here you will be able to begin your course. Each course contains several sections that you can start/stop as needed. Always navigate through the course presentations using the "Play" button only. 


Important Notice: You will be able to repeat any portion of a purchased course, until you download or print your course certificate. Once you have printed your course completion certificate you will no longer have access to the course.


Course Features/Navigation:  Hover your mouse over the icon bar near the left of the screen to identify buttons for your use.

  • The "Course Home" button will return you to your course home screen.
  • The "Courses" button will return you to "Your Courses" listing. Where you can browse and purchase new courses, as well as switch between courses you have already purchased.
  • Use the "Learning Paths" button to view your progress through the course. You will only see your current progress, as you unlock each portion of the course.
  • Use the "Gradebook" button to view your score for each portion of the course. This is a combination of quiz scores and presentation completion ratios.


A few reminders, about common problems!

  • Always use the "Play" button to move through the presentations. Using the "Next" button will not record your progress as this appears to be "Skipped" slide.
  • Once you have completed a portion of a course, use only the white X located within the black circle on the upper right hand corner of the presentation window to exit the presentation. This ensures proper credit.
  • Always refresh your browser window upon completing any portion of any course. This allows the browser to catch up with the servers, and lets you move forward to the next portion!
  • Exit "Full Screen" mode, before answering any questions in the quizzes! Sometimes, this causes problems!

Courses list

10 Question Practice Tests

Category: Practice Tests
Three - 10-Question practice tests. Provides the user with a basic feel for most state licensing exams. These tests are scored, but have no time limit. There is a running timer which allows the user to see how long it would take to answer ten questions.

100 Question Practice Tests

Category: Practice Tests
Two - 100-Question practice tests. Provides the user with a true test taking experience. See if you are ready to take your license exam with these practice tests! Scored and timed to provide accurate feedback of your test taking skills!

1st Year Apprentice Training Course

Category: Electrical Apprenticeship
1st Year Electrical Apprentice Training.

25 Question Practice Tests

Category: Practice Tests
Three - 25-question practice tests. Provides the user with a basic feel for most state licensing exams and helps to set the required pace for answering questions. These tests are scored, and have a 1-Hour time limit. There is a running timer for informational purposes.

2nd Year Apprenticeship Course

Category: Electrical Apprenticeship
2nd Year Electrical Apprentice Training. Covers 144 Hours of instruction and training.

Ultimate Practice Test Package

Category: Practice Tests
Ultimate Practice Test Package contains (3) 10 Question Practice Tests, (3) 25 Question Practice Tests, and (2) 100 Question Practice Tests. This is the best way to practice and improve your test taking ability! Price is discounted from purchasing all three packages together!

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